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Mobile IV Services

IV Nutrition’s Mobile IV service provides a convenient and accessible way to receive intravenous nutrient therapy, IV hydration, and other wellness treatments in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room.
These services may be particularly beneficial for busy individuals or those with limited mobility.

Our Mobile IV Services Can Address Multiple Health Goals

Athletic Recovery

Enhance performance with rehydration, nutrient replenishment, and muscle recovery support.



Fast-acting relief from dehydration, headache, and nausea with rehydrating fluids and essential vitamins.


Immune Support

Strengthen immunity, prevent illness, and promote overall health with targeted vitamin infusions.


Beauty & Anti-Aging

Boost radiance, rejuvenate skin, and maintain a youthful glow with hydration and essential antioxidants.


Weight Loss

Accelerate fat burning, improve metabolism, and support healthy weight loss with targeted nutrient infusions.


Chronic Conditions & Inflammation Support

Alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and support long-term wellness with customized IV treatments.


Increase Energy

Boost vitality, reduce fatigue, and enhance mental clarity with energizing IV infusions for optimal performance.


Mobile IV Therapy

Express IV Drips

When the IV Drip Service comes to you, sometimes you want something fast. Our Express IV Drips give you all the nutrients you need in a smaller fluid bag. Not as hydrating but still very helpful in a pinch!

  • Blissful Beauty
  • Rapid Repair
  • Ache Absolver
Hydration IV Drips

When IV Hydration is what you need, nothing can replace a full bag of fluids at your beck and call. Let us help you get recovered and feeling your optimal self again. 

  • Hella Hydration
  • Hefty Hydration
  • Hella Hydration Plus
Hydration Plus IV Drips

Sometimes fluids aren’t enough. That’s why we also offer Hydration Plus Drip IVs. This includes more vital nutrients and minerals, power packed for whatever condition ails you. 

  • Mega Multi
  • Repair and Rebuild
  • Absolute Athlete

Your Options from our IV Nutrition Mobile IV Services

Vitamin Injections

Need a boost of energy? Think B12 injections, Vitamin D injections, and immune support. Add an Injection to your services for quick, fast acting nutrients.

  • Simply Sunshine
  • Epic Energy
  • Immune Igniter
  • NAD Injections
Specialty IV Drips

Our Specialty IV Drips are where we get into some of the real power of IV infusion therapy. These include higher-dose Vitamin C IVs and NAD IV infusions and/or Magnesium and Glutathione IV Drips.

  • Glutathione Deep Detox
  • NAD+ 1000mg IV Drip
  • Colossal C IV Drip
IV Drip & Injection Packages

Think you could use some ongoing support? You’ll want to get into one of our many options for discount packages. Try one that is condition specific, like our Weight Loss IV Packages or Athletic IV Packages.

  • Athletic Performance Packages
  • Weight Loss Packages
  • Natural Beauty Packages

Let us help you choose

Need help finding the right drip for you?


How to Book

Simply book an appointment for a day and time that suits your schedule. Be sure to include details about your location! On the day of our visit, be sure to you have comfortable space available, such as a recliner or couch. Gather identification and payment information beforehand. The licensed team from our mobile IV clinic will assess your conditions and ensure you receive the best service for your needs.



Your Mobile Appointment

Once you and your IV Nutrition medical professional are in agreement on your needs, we will prepare your IV infusion by setting up all equipment (including the IV bag, tubing, and sterilized needle). They will wear personal protective equipment to ensure safety and cleanliness. Then, after cleaning the injection site with an antiseptic solution and injecting your line, he or she will secure the needle and ensure your IV is flowing correctly.

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Why we are the best mobile IV clinic

Expertise and Experience
Our team of highly skilled and licensed medical professionals boasts extensive experience in administering IV therapy, ensuring you receive the highest quality care and personalized treatment.

Cutting-Edge Technology
We utilize advanced IV therapy technology and innovative treatment formulations, continuously researching and incorporating the latest developments to offer the most effective solutions for your needs.

Commitment to Quality
Our mobile IV clinic has dedication to patient satisfaction, and stringent adherence to safety and hygiene protocols.


IV Nutrition

As a nationally recognized IV franchise, IV Nutrition is always close to you, wherever you may roam. We take care our clients, ensuring they get the highest quality, nutrient packed injections and drip IV services.

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