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Dive deeper into your health goals

At IV Nutrition, our functional health evaluations take a comprehensive look at all systems of the body, brain health, skin, bones, hormone levels, blood sugar, liver health, and much more.

Using naturopathic and functional medicine approaches, combined with high-level blood testing, we identify underlying imbalances and create a personalized plan to optimize your health.

Support for your Health Goals

Athletic Recovery and Optimal Energy

We can help you achieve your athletic recovery and energy level goals by assessing your body’s nutrient needs and providing personalized recommendations for supporting muscle growth, workout recovery, and performance.


Healthy Weight Support

We can help identify underlying causes of weight gain through a comprehensive assessment of your health and provide tailored recommendations for achieving your weight loss goals, including addressing inflammation, sugar imbalance, hormonal imbalances, or metabolic dysfunction.


Immune Support

We evaluate the overall balance of your immune system and identify any deficiencies or imbalances, providing personalized recommendations to help support optimal immune function and offset inflammation and oxidative stress.


Beauty and Longevity

Our Functional Health Evaluation can assess your body’s nutrient needs and provide personalized recommendations for supporting optimal cellular health and regeneration, which can promote anti-aging and overall wellness.



Our blood testing service can assess your hydration levels and provide personalized recommendations for optimal hydration, which can improve recovery, energy levels, and overall wellness


Chronic Conditions Support

Our Chronic Illness Drip IV support services help reduce inflammation and improve overall health, preventing chronic diseases and premature aging.


Healthy Mind Services

Find inner calm and balance with our Stress Reduction and Healthy Mind IV services, designed to improve mental clarity and overall cognitive function.


Functional Health Evaluations

Basic Health Screens

We believe that by providing you with comprehensive testing options and actionable information, you can make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards your well-being.   This is why with every one of our testing panels we include a review of the data with one of our Functional Health practitioners via a virtual consult.


  • Basic Wellness Panel
  • NutrEval Panel
  • Supplement Review
Preventative or Acute Condition Testing

Wanting to prevent a future health issue or have a symptom pop up that you’d like to investigate?. Spend some time with one of our Functional Medicine practitioners who can help guide you in the best direction.

  • Complete Hormone Panel Review
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Profile
  • Advanced Wellness Panel
Chronic Condition Testing and Reviews

With our array of blood work and other testing options we can really take a look at your overall health. In our high level review we will talk about what you have tried in the past, what has worked and what hasn’t, and go over everything we find in the results. We know how complicated the human body can be, our goal is to simplify the journey back to health for you.

  • Dutch Complete Test
  • GI Map | GI Microbial Assay
  • Comprehensive Wellness Panel

From Supplements to Hormones, we can give high level guidance on your next steps

Supplement Review

Whether you are just starting out with supplements or you are looking to clean out that cabinet full of them, we can help give you some sound advice on where to start and what to prioritize. 

Micronutrient Panel Review

Micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, play a crucial role in maintaining optimal health. Extracellular and intracellular testing can provide insights into a person’s nutritional status.  Getting your micronutrient levels tested can give you the perfect guidance needed for IV supplementation.

Complete Hormone Panel Review

Our hormone panel and review offers a comprehensive assessment of sex, adrenal, and thyroid hormones to identify any imbalances that could be affecting your health and well-being. Personalized recommendations for treatment are included.

Dutch Complete Test

Comprehensive hormone testing, including sex hormones and metabolites. Assess diurnal cortisol pattern and cortisol metabolites. Optimize hormone health and address related symptoms.

GI-MAP | GI Microbial Assay Plus

Comprehensive stool test using detection and quantification of specific DNA or RNA sequences to assess gut health and identify organisms. Supports personalized interventions for overall well-being.

NutrEval Comprehensive Panel

NutrEval Comprehensive Panel testing provides personalized insights into your unique nutritional needs, helping to identify imbalances and deficiencies. It offers comprehensive assessment, personalized recommendations, and can reveal toxic exposures for improved well-being and optimal health.

MycoToxin Panel

The MycoToxin Panel offers best-in-class mycotoxin testing, specializing in identifying hazardous mold, toxins, and infectious diseases. This comprehensive panel detects 16 common mycotoxins, including Macrocyclic Trichothecenes, providing valuable insights for improved health outcomes and targeted interventions.

Food sensitivity panels

Our food sensitivity panels utilize quantitative analysis of specific immunoglobins (IgG, IgA, and IgG4) for accurate results.
Testing for food sensitivities using immunoglobins helps identify triggering foods and guide personalized dietary interventions for improved health and symptom relief.

Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

Comprehensive assessment of thyroid function and hormone levels.  The Thyroid Panel includes TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Total T3, Total T4, and Reverse T3. Add-ons include Thyroid Antibodies (Thyroglobulin Antibody + Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Antibody).

Build your drip

Customize a drip just for you!


Let us help you get to the bottom of things

Whether you know exactly what you need to be tested or you don’t know where to start, we are here to guide you.  Schedule a virtual evaluation with one of skilled clinicians and we can help you discover the best route for you, whether it be high level blood testing, nutrient supplementation, lifestyle changes or diet and exercise.  The human body is a complex system and through a functional medicine approach we look at the all the organs and body in a holistic way, making sure we’re not just covering up symptoms but getting to the root of things.

Don’t Guess, Test

Get in-depth blood testing here with us.

We have a unique perspective on Healthcare

We harness the power of comprehensive blood panels to delve into the underlying causes of your health concerns. This allows us to create personalized healing plans that provide you with the specific nutrients your body needs.

Our commitment to safety and comfort is unwavering. We use only the finest medical-grade equipment and nutrients, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for your treatment.

We believe that achieving optimal wellness is a partnership between you and our healthcare team. That’s why we empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to reach your health goals, guiding you every step of the way.

Pinpointing the Problem

Our top priority at IV Nutrition is to empower you to make informed decisions regarding which IVs, injections, or supplements will best meet your unique needs. Allow us to serve as your trusted guide on your path to optimal health.


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