Immune Health & Resilience this Winter

Our environment presents many immune challenges that really test our immune health and resilience. Especially during winter but also all year around, there are many people getting sick and then continuing to get sick for weeks on and off, leading to missed days at work and suffering.

What Causes Flu and Colds?

Viruses and bacteria thrive in a body with a weakened immune system, and leave our immune systems depleted by the end of each fight with one. Your immune system needs fuel and when your immune system is protecting you from pathogens, it uses up its fuel faster than it would without needing to fight anything off. During the process of infection, a lot of oxidative stress is generated which damages healthy cells. IV nutrients not only help the immune system to fight, they also offsets the oxidative stress that damages the body’s tissues and organs.

Getting Better

Your immune system needs to be regenerated during and after every immune challenge. By the time you are feeling symptoms of a cold or flu, your immune system is already depleted. Cells are damaged in the process and if you are exposed to another pathogen before your immune system has a chance to recover, it will take much longer to recover from the infection. There is a care and maintenance of the immune system that is needed to maintain enough strength and resilience to fight any pathogen attempting infection. Care and maintenance includes specific nutrients, sleep, and hydration. Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D, and glutathione, are all essential to a resilient immune system. Helping the body to regenerate cells and stop cell damage by halting oxidative stress.  Hydration and sleep are just as essential, and the need for them cannot be taken for granted. Taking care of your immune system, will not only bring immune resilience, but it will keep you from having to stay home in bed.

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