Belly Busting out of the Holidays

Clem Onojeghuo for IV Nutrition Clinic

Many of us come out of the holiday season a few pounds heavier. While we certainly had a jolly time, we sometimes still experience an unpleasant post-holiday blah. This holiday blah is brought to you by all of the sugar in its many forms. This unfortunate equation of extra sugar intake + family and travel holiday stress = fat accumulation and muffin tops. This new unwanted “gift” is then followed by post-holiday fatigue and general lack of motivation.

What are the potential contributors of the muffin top appearing you ask?

Excess weight can be attributed to many different factors. It can be frustrating for some who, despite eating well and exercising, continue to have difficulty losing weight.

Inflammation, digestion impairment, food sensitivities, chronic subclinical infections, and mitochondrial (powerhouse of the cell) insufficiency can all contribute to excess weight.

Chronic inflammation is a common culprit of weight gain and difficulty losing weight. Inflammation leads to hormone imbalance, including blood sugar dysregulation, and dysregulation of normal metabolism in the body. Also, many people who struggle with losing weight may have difficulty metabolizing fats and using them for energy. Imbalances in blood sugar regulation can also lead to the overproduction and storage of fat.

IV Nutrition offers services to boost and aid your body’s natural mechanisms.

What is a Belly Buster injection?

This injection helps your body to target fat stores to utilize energy production in your cells. Supports fat metabolism and increases cellular energy, which generally improves overall energy.

What is in a Belly Buster Injection?

•Methionine: assists in the breakdown of fats in the liver, prevents fat build up (fatty liver)

•Inositol: regulates blood sugar, fat metabolism, helps lower cholesterol

•Choline: metabolizes fatty deposits

•L-Carnitine: brings lipids into the mitochondria for ATP (energy currency of the body) production

•Vitamin B12: boosts overall energy, supports cellular energy production, promotes healthy nerve and muscle function

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