Beating the Winter Blues

sun ray

The winter months bring colder temperatures, less activity, and much less daylight. During this time, many of us naturally go into a state of reflection. However, for some a natural state of reflection can quickly escalate into sadness, low energy, lack of motivation, mood imbalance, or even symptoms of depression. It’s clear that our bodies and mind must adapt to the change in seasons because this change impacts our chemistry. For example, with less sun exposure, the human body will produce less vitamin D which it synthesizes from the sun. Low vitamin D levels are associated with symptoms of depression and other mood disorders including seasonal depression. Most people do not make enough Vitamin D, especially during times of little to no sunlight.

Additionally, some studies have pointed to lower levels of serotonin in individuals experiencing seasonal depression. The body produces less of this mood-boosting neurotransmitter in the winter time. Low serotonin levels are also associated with depression and mood disorders. We each deal with and adapt to seasonal changes in different ways. Regardless of how we individually adjust to these changes if we use this time to practice self-care, our bodies and minds will function better and help us to stay balanced throughout all seasons.

What can you do to stay balanced?

Stay Active   

Social – Get out and do things with your friends! If you have no friends – make some 🙂

Physical – Move your body! It doesn’t matter how – dance in the kitchen or run on the treadmill – you do you!


Eat whole foods free of preservatives, dyes, and added sugar, all of which contribute majorly to mood imbalance.

Do things that bring you joy. 

Get out of that one-month long Netflix binge! Paint, listen to music, hug your pet or get a house plant!

Nutrients and Vitamins

Proper hydration levels and sufficient intake of nutrients and vitamins are not only necessary to function day to day but to prevent illness as well. Make sure you are providing your body and mind with what is needed to operate at 100%. IV Nutrition offers several services to support the body in maintaining optimal nutrient status and biochemical balance.

Services at IV Nutrition to support the ‘winter blues’:

Simply Sunshine

Certified Calm

Mellow Mood

Stress Stopper


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